Alpha Boy Love


Alpha Boy Love Is “Shocking, Naive & Nasty Coming Of Age The Hard Way!”Brandon is just starting college in his first year at Lakeside College when he meets Ashton and his life changes forever…Filled with scandal, shocking taboo obsession, and page-turning romance, drama, intrigue, and surprises galore as you come of age with Brandon Harris and his voyage of self-discovery, sexual awakening, and debauchery.Alpha Boy Love Is …“Honest, Extreme, Explicit At Times Touching And There’s A Lot Of Touching Too!”✓ All Male, First Time & Straight To Gay Coming Of Age Romance.✓ Taboo Sexuality & Almost Nothing Is Off Limits.✓ Raging Hormones, Self Discovery & At The Core, A Story That Just Holds True – No Matter How Extreme.✓ GET ALPHA BOY LOVE FOR YOURSELF TODAY…

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