Boyz In Heat


BOYZ IN HEAT Is Nasty, Sexy, Brutally Shocking, And Based On A True Story.Told from the perspective of an unnamed young man growing up and coming of age in South Florida, this novella presented from a first-time author, first-hand account tells the story of an incredible 3 days that hit every hot spot from Key West, North to Greater Miami, West Palm and all parts in between. Sometimes funny, always extremely honest and sexually explicit, as real as it gets.The real story of millennial hustling, sexuality, and scandalous sexual existentialism told directly from the streets of South Florida as revealed by the author directly in VIVID DETAIL during the Trump era and every sordid bit of reality that hit home with the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and more …Not for the faint of heart and certainly not for the naive. Boyz In Heat delivers riveting raw young gay male sexuality combined with the stark realities of REAL LIFE.From The Back Cover:➀ “SHOCKING, DIRTY, BRUTALLY HONEST!”➁ “A POETICALLY FILTHY MALE HUSTLER MILLENNIAL CATCHER IN THE RYE.”➂ “A COMING OF AGE HARDCORE GAY EROTICA FUSED WITH BEAT GENERATION POETICS FOR THE 21st. CENTURY.”★ Get BOYZ IN HEAT for yourself right now and feel the heat for yourself.

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