It’s a steamy ride that will leave you craving more with ‘Desire’. This heart-stopping and sizzling novel is all about needing cock bad, in your throat and in your ass.From the very first page, ‘Desire’ explores the raw power of lust and desire. The sex scenes are graphic, explicit, and absolutely dripping with passion. These stories take you on a journey that will push the limits of what you thought was possible.Our hero is driven by his insatiable hunger for cock and he won’t stop until he has satisfied his deepest desires. As you read through ‘Desire’, you’ll be treated to vivid, explicit descriptions of every kind of sexual encounter imaginable, filled with throbbing cocks and throbbing desire.But ‘Desire’ isn’t just about sex – it’s also about exploring your own deepest desires and uncovering the true nature of your passions. With each page you turn, you’ll discover something new about yourself and your own sexual cravings.So if you’re ready to explore the depths of your own desires, then ‘Desire’ is the perfect novel for you. With its graphic sex scenes and intense storytelling, you won’t be able to put this book down until you’ve reached the very end.

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