Slammed & Bred Raw


This ebook is so filthy it will make your panties (or boxers) wet in seconds! Are you ready for some serious man-on-man action? If yes, then Slammed & Bred Raw is just what you need. Get ready to experience the most intense and unforgettable gay erotica ever written. Picture yourself surrounded by hard bodies, sweat, and raw sexual energy. Imagine two men fucking like animals, their muscles flexing and straining as they slam into each other over and over again. And when they’re done, there’s always room for more…But wait, there’s more! In these short stories, you’ll also find rough anal sex, public humiliation, and even a little bit of bondage. You won’t be able to resist the urge to read on as one man after another takes control of their partners’ bodies and unleash torrents of hot, wet and sticky cum from start to finish.

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