Spank Daddy Bang


“Do you like it rough? Are you ready to get down and dirty with some hardcore man-on-man action? Look no further than Spank Daddy Bang! This collection of short stories will have your panties (or boxers) soaking wet in no time!””Imagine two muscular men, their bodies glistening with sweat after a long day’s work. They strip off each other’s clothes, revealing rock-hard abs and bulging packages that are just begging to be touched. One guy grabs his partner’s ass cheeks and squeezes them together, while the other one takes his massive dick in hand and starts stroking it slowly.””As they kiss passionately, their tongues dancing around each other, they can feel their arousal building up. Suddenly, one of them pulls away and gets on all fours, presenting his ass straight into your face – Get Slam Daddy Bang for yourself right now.

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