Tentacles Of Desire


✓ YES! Filled With Lust And Alien Slime, They Begged For More!♥ “Wrap Yourself Up In The Tentacles Of Desire – Horror, Terror & Sizzling Tentacles Sex & Erotica …” A GrimLore Books Exclusive – Steamy, Sizzling and Stroking From Start To Finish – Who doesn’t want sexual mayhem with monster tentacles and creatures of an unknown origin? We’re certain you were just asking yourself that, this morning …GET Tentacles Of Desire For YOURSELF Right Now!✓ Written, Designed & Published In The USA By Publishers Who Care About Your ★HIGHEST QUALITY★ Reading Experience.★ A creeping unsettling terror is about to embrace you, seduce you and take you beyond mere HORROR EROTICA into a realm of deep, entangled desire ….

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