The Hardon Brothers Meet Dracula


Can Your Heart Stand The Endless Thrills & Super, ALL MALE Hot Romantic Fiction Of …The Hardon Brothers Meet Dracula!Yes, the century-old vampire might very well have met his cum-uppance when our lovable, and seriously hot boys stumble into him in the wilds of Transylvania. The Premiere Book In The Hardon Brothers Series And A HOT TICKET TO ALL MALE EROTICA you won’t want to miss!The HARDON BROTHERS ARE:“Scandalously Taboo, Lusciously Erotic, Significantly Suspenseful, Ridiculously Funny & Strangely Enough, Romantically Uplifting!”Identical 18 Year Old Twin Brothers, Tom & Francois Hardon Aren’t Only World Travelling Sleuths & Adventurers …They’re Also Lovers.★ They’re Also Cute & Adorable – And Incurably Horny.★ Short, Full Length All Male ♥GAY♥ Erotica Novels★ A Big Bulging Package Bursting With Adventure, Intrigue, Romance & Lots Of SIZZLING All Male Sex.Presented As A Thrilling, Multi-Part Series, To Be Enjoyed In ANY Order Or Position You Desire.★ Get Your Hands On A HARDON Today! You Won’t Regret It And The Hardons Will Thank You.

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