World Of Wolven – Book 1


★ “A Wicked Fantasy Epic Romance Of Homoerotic Heroes & Horrors!” Enter The World Of Wolven where werewolves, vampires, warlocks, halflings, and sorcerers – Monsters & Monstrosities converge in a fantasy romance series of massive all-male erotica.Imagine a world where a mythical werewolf king holds the KEY to save his tribe and even civilization and mankind itself caught up in the hottest, most graphic, and most exhilarating ALL MALE erotica ever captured in such vivid, brutal and heart-pumping passion.★ Extreme All-Male Erotica★ Full-Length Fantasy Romance, Adventure, Intrigue & Unadulterated Hardcore Man On Man Action.★ Nothing Held Back – Go BEYOND Mere Fantasy And Your WILDEST Imagination.

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